Armadale Residence

Rob Mills Architecture


Once a cardboard factory, now magnificently reincarnated as bespoke family residence with intense attention to detail and designed to promote overall happiness and well being. Each element of this vision has been designed, specified and procured by specialist crafts people both locally and internationally.

Walls are render and velvety stucco, door frames are deep set and lined with brass, stone floors were sourced from a quarry in Verona, Italy. Each room has been precisely acoustically engineered to allow transisions between each space to be truely peaceful and draw on sounds from the neighbouring parklands.

The west facing kitchen is the center piece, with brass cabinetry, bench top and tap ware it radiates a gold glow in the sunlight. The retreat space is inspired by an English study with timber panels covering walls, ceiling and floors, an open fireplace and deep recessed windows.