Flinders Residence

In Arc Architects


A perfect balance of form and function, Verdant Avenue is an inspired fusion of imaginative design and cutting-edge technique. The brainchild of architect In Arc; this vision of contemporary luxury artfully combines meticulous detailing with elegant simplicity.

A monochromatic palette and high ceilings provide welcome accommodation for artwork, while the central staircase creates a striking contrast with the structure’s cubic silhouette. Intricately spiraling the two flights above, the staircase required two semi-trailers worth of 6-millimeter plate steel to be craned in. Batons were then expertly applied before two layers of plasterboard completed this elegant feature.

Slate floors create a sense of continuity with the deep timber tones and granite kitchen bench. Meanwhile, ultra-wide 300-millimeter timber boards span the breadth of the home, their warm American oak joinery providing a depth and sophistication in connecting living and utility areas.