Sorrento Residence

Rob Mills Architects


A rare feat of European authenticity among the gumtrees, this remarkably ornate property is a nod to the victories of the architectural past realised through the lessons of the present.

In accurately manifesting the rustic purity of the revivalist Château style, classical construction processes were painstakingly researched and employed in the build. Thousands of raw limestone floor tiles were fashioned on-site by hand from materials sourced from original French structures, an innovative merging of old materials and new techniques.

This juxtaposition of worlds remains seamless in the delivery of the exterior, where Mediterranean-style barrel tiles hang above the contemporary infinity edge pool. Overlooking the stunning coastal view, this remarkable scene is augmented by the reflective pool lighting that cascades over the water and across the textured limestone tiles, providing a finish that is both daring and groundbreaking.