St Kilda Residence


Preserving the past while crafting the future. This classical four-storey work, built in 1910, is an icon of Melbourne’s unique history.

Retaining the historic front section of the residence, calculated demolition was systematically employed to remove the rear. The structure’s unique brickwork was cleaned and later re-used, decorative plaster work expertly re-instated, and at each stage diligence was employed in protecting the character and architectural detail of the property.

Artful management ensured the demands of limited site access was overcome, alongside careful execution of the challenging re-engineering works required to the entire structure. The lift was a triumph of planning and skilled construction. Built on-site and craned into position within the central axis of the residence, it provides a contemporary aesthetic wrapped within a classical staircase – a tasteful juxtaposition of the old and new.

The residence has been thoughtfully preserved and greatly enhanced for future generations in a marriage of heritage and modernity.