Toorak Residence



Pushing the limits of contemporary architecture and engineering design, this residence is a masterpiece even in the grand company of one of Tooraks’ most celebrated streets.

Exposed concrete provides a spectacular aesthetic for external and internal structures. Crafted through a highly complex, yet perfectly executed process, the interior formwork was constructed with sand blasted Oregon timber to create a natural timber grain. A delicate process which allows for no second chances, meticulous preparation ensured a flawless final finish, at the moment of the concrete pour.

In the central living space, floor-to-ceiling retractable glazing required a custom built system to allow the huge 3.3m high glass panels to effortlessly slide into a concealed cavity, rendering the alfresco courtyard and living area as one.

Working to an exacting brief, large format stone tiles were individually hand-selected and approved prior to installation, providing visual continuity despite a natural variation in materials.

Thorough scheduling, examination and detailed deliberation with the client has manifested this stunning vision without fault.