Anthony Morton – Director

Ant’s approach to work is simple. Hard. Smart. Intuitive.

Driven by a passion for beautiful design and a desire to work collaboratively with architects, Ant started VCON with brother Rob as a way to guarantee they would always build what they loved.

As VCON’s reputation elevated, Ant saw an opportunity to diversify and expand into multi density builds. Adopting the name Element 5, ensured a clear distinction between the diverse product offerings of the two companies.

Ant’s proudest moments are when he hears people say VCON is their first choice in builder, knowing his commitment to delivering the best has resulted in a company renowned for remarkable projects.

Thriving on the busy team atmosphere and a hunger for success, Ant’s focus is always on the evolution of his company – “To enable us to build better, it’s important we’re constantly developing all aspects of our work, and are always ahead of the game.”